about me

My name is Kristin Fehrman and I’m a writer, artist, and designer.

I’m passionate about mindfulness, minimalism, accessible fashion, convertible patterns, and fabric design.

Connection and community have been important pieces of my life and career, from my early days at San Francisco startups to working with high-end jewelry designers in New York City.

I have taken my experience within different industries to create collections inspired by people on-the-go, my life in cities throughout the United States, my roots in Northern Michigan, and those who have inspired me along the way.

From word of mouth and influencer marketing consultant to fashion copywriter and blogger, my path has lead me in many exciting directions over the past twelve years of my career.

Through authentic connection, storytelling, and finding an aesthetic that suits your style, my intention is to help you re-think how you perceive fashion, everyday living, and your own personal brand.

I believe everyone has a personal aesthetic that represents their personality, lifestyle, and unique fashion sense- and I would love to help you find your own.

Let’s create something together.